3 Things the Funeral Director at a Funeral Home Won’t Say

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When you go to a funeral home in Haltom City, TX to get help from a funeral director, you’ll definitely receive all the assistance you could ever need. The funeral director is a licensed professional in the death care services industry, so you’ll be in good hands. Whether you need help choosing the body disposition, have questions that you need answers to, or require something else, the funeral director will be your go-to person. During the consultations, you can be thankful that there are certain things that won’t ever come out of their mouth.

Here’s a look at 3 statements no funeral director in their right mind will ever make. Ever.

1. “Funeral Services are Depressing Events”

It is true that there will be some sad moments at a funeral service. After all, the main purpose of the event is to pay last respects to a deceased loved one or friend. There will be tears, there will be grief, and there will be profound sadness. But there will also be hope. People go to funeral homes to celebrate the life of someone they love – someone whose life had great worth. So despite the sadness, you’ll find light-hearted moments filled with laughter as people recount interesting stories involving the deceased. Depressing events they are not.

2. “Children Should Never Attend Funeral Services”

Funeral services are for the entire family. If you have really young children – babies or even toddlers – who may not understand what’s going on, then you might want to hire a sitter. But even if they’re young, you can still take them with you. Remember that children had a relationship with the deceased as well, so they should be allowed to attend the service. Don’t underestimate the capacity for even young children to experience sadness because of a loss. They might not fully understand death and dying, but they will be impacted by the loss.

3. “If You’re an Atheist or an Agnostic, You Have to be Cremated After You Die”

Whether you’re a person with faith in a divine deity or a person who has no such faith, you can choose whatever body disposition you wish. Both funerals and cremations offer equal dignity to the deceased, and your faith or lack thereof doesn’t have to influence which one you choose. The only exception would be if you practice a faith that prohibits one or the other. In Hinduism, for instance, adherents are required to be cremated. But in Islam or the Greek Orthodox Church, adherents are required to be buried. But the general rule is that you can do either or.

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