3 Unusual Reasons Why People Choose Cremation

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3 Unusual Reasons Why People Choose Cremation 

It may or may not surprise you to learn that a lot of people who preplan final services opt for cremation services over funeral services. There many reasons why cremations services in Haltom City, TX have become more common among people who either are preplanning final services for themselves or planning body dispositions with their loved ones. Most of the reasons are common – such as the cost-effectiveness of cremation – but other reasons are unusual.

Here’s a look at 3 of the more unusual reasons why many people preplan cremation services.

1. They’re Claustrophobic

While there’s no consciousness after death, some people nonetheless dread the idea of their body being placed into a casket. So if you’re claustrophobic in life, you might want to avoid it even in death. When you preplan a cremation service, you’ll have several options. You can ask your family, for instance, to scatter your ashes in an area that has some significance to you. So they can scatter on a piece of land, in the air, or on the water. Cremation is, therefore, the perfect body disposition option if you can’t fathom having your body confined to a casket.

2. They Don’t Want to be Dug Up By Some Future Civilization

Some people preplan cremation services over funeral services to avoid the possibility of having their body dug up by some future civilization. Such people simply don’t want their remains to be disturbed by some archeological dig. By getting cremated instead of being buried in a casket, you can have some peace of mind.

3. They Don’t Want to be Left Behind

Other people favor cremation services over funeral services because they don’t wish to be left behind. With a funeral service, your body will be placed into a casket and lowered into the cemetery plot prepared for it. After the service, your loved ones and friends will return to their homes while your body will obviously remain at the cemetery. But with cremation, you can ask your family to take your ashes home with them. You can, in fact, arrange to have your ashes divvied up among more than one urn so that various loved ones can take home a memento. By so doing, you can symbolically remain with your family even after you’re long gone.

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