After Cremation Memorial Service Activities

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There are two main services you can decide between when you are working on a final service for a loved one who passed away: funeral or cremation services Haltom City, TX. Cremation is highly versatile and allows you to have whatever kind of service you want once the cremation is complete. You don’t have a timeline on the memorial, either, and you can even have certain activities instead of something somber that feels much like a funeral. Here are some activities to consider if you are going to have a memorial for your loved one.

A Family Meal

You don’t have to go all out with anything big and fancy when you are thinking about a memorial service for your loved one. Some people keep the event small and intimate and it can be as simple as a family meal at someone’s house. You can have it catered, go potluck style, or let a friend cook some of the family recipes. The meal is a nice time for your family to share memories, mourn together, and just spend time with one another during a hard time.

Participate In A Charity Walk

Perhaps your loved one died from a certain illness or they had some kind of ailment that made life harder for them. There are charity walks to benefit all types of things today and if you can find one that addresses something your loved one had, or something they were passionate about supporting, your family can participate in the walk in their honor. Have as many people as can sign up and those who aren’t able to go the distance can watch and cheer as well as donate to the cause and support your team.

Attend A Sporting Event

Your loved one could always be found at the local football games and they liked watching baseball, too, no matter who was playing. Attending a local sporting event is a nice way to gather your family and do something together that your loved one would have adored. You might feel their presence in the stands right there with you. You can even share some memories and quotes as you participate in cheering certain teams on.

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Have An Auction

You could use some of your loved one’s items that your family no longer wants to raise funds for a special charity they believed in. The auction can serve to honor them and as a memorial to them. Gather the family for the auction and have some food as people bid on the items they appreciate. You can see what a difference your loved one’s possessions are making as you take in the money and make plans to donate it to their favorite cause.

When you choose cremation services in Haltom City, TX after a family member passed on, you can honor them in so many different ways, it can be hard to decide what direction to take. The experts at Alpine Funeral Home have plenty of suggestions and can help you come up with something fitting.