Are You Planning a Memorial After a Cremation? Here’s a Checklist!

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After a cremation service in Richland Hill, TX, you and your family may wish to hold a memorial service or a celebration of life event to honor someone you all love and respect. But if you haven’t before planned such a service, you might be at a loss as to what to do. One thing to keep in mind is that a memorial service is not usually as formal as a funeral service. In fact, a memorial service is usually held days or even weeks after the funeral service, which means that emotions of grief may not be as raw as they would be for the funeral service. So it might be easier for people to be in a more celebratory mood as they remember the deceased.

Here’s a checklist to help you arrange a memorial service that honors a deceased relative and that provides a healing experience for you and your other family members.

Choose a Theme

It’s a good idea to choose some sort of theme. You’ll find that it can make the memorial all the more meaningful and enjoyable. The theme could be music, sports, hobbies, or something else. If you’re stumped as to which theme to go with, consult with your other family members. With some brainstorming, you can all come up with a great theme to work with. How do you figure out a good theme? If the deceased had tended a flower garden or a vegetable garden, then you might want to decorate the memorial venue with plants or flowers. Did they have a favorite color? You can incorporate that color into the decorations or even get flowers in the color that was most precious to the deceased.

Figure Out When the Event Will Take Place

You’ll, of course, need to choose the date and time of the memorial service. You’ll want to check with family and close friends of the deceased to get their input as to a good day to hold it.

Decide Where it Will be Held

Where will you hold the memorial? Put some thought into choosing the right venue. It can be indoors or outdoors, in a church or on a private property, in a restaurant or around a family table. Just make sure that the venue will accommodate the number of people on the invite list – and remember to keep in mind COVID-19 guidelines applicable to gatherings.

Let People Know About it

Once you choose the theme, figure out a date, and find a venue, you should send out invitations. You don’t have to mail them, of course. You can call or email people to let them know all of the relevant details.

Plan the Event

You’ll want to plan out how the memorial will unfold. Who will read the eulogy? Who will recite poetry or Bible passages? Who will sing at the event, and who will give speeches? You’ll need to reach out to people to ask who’ll be willing to take part in the memorial. Don’t forget the reception either. Find out who can help prepare food or ask all invitees to bring food so that there can be a potluck after the memorial.

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