Asking For Donations For Funeral Home Services

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When you have to work with one of the funeral homes in Haltom City, TX on a loved one’s final services, it can be overwhelming and emotional. It is only going to be harder if you realize you don’t have the funds to cover what you want for that person. Whether you want a full funeral and can’t afford it or you don’t have much to spare at all and can’t even afford a cremation, don’t despair because there are ways to raise funds through donations. But how do you ask for donations? It can feel embarrassing and you just want to get what you need to honor your loved one. Here are a few ways you can ask for donations without going out of your comfort zone.

Set Up A Crowdfunding Donation

One of the easiest ways to gather funds is to do it through crowdfunding. You simply set up a crowdfunding account and distribute the information online. You don’t have to talk to anyone in person or ask anything out loud. The details you put on the crowdfunding account say everything that is needed and you might be surprised by how fast it spreads and how much you are able to raise in that manner.

Let Other People Do The Legwork

You are already in charge of the final services and you are likely one of the closest people to your loved one who has passed on. You might want to reach out to a close family member or friend and ask them to help you with the fundraising. Put them in charge of calling family and friends and asking for donations so it’s one less thing you have to take care of and worry about yourself.

Have A Fundraising Event For The Cause

Some people aren’t comfortable asking for money, but having a fundraiser during which the people donating get something in return is different. You can have a pancake breakfast or a spaghetti dinner and charge per plate. People will likely donate extra, but you are doing something that feels more like a service in return for the money. It’s also a nice way to honor your loved one if you choose a certain type of fundraiser.

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Talk To Family In Person

While you might not be comfortable reaching out to the family as a whole, or even to friends you don’t know very well that appreciated your loved one, you can talk to family members and person and explain to them where you are in the payment process and how much you are falling short in that area. They might offer to help or you can point blank ask them if they are able to pitch in. Let them decide what they are willing to donate to the cause.

If you need funds for services with funeral homes in Haltom City, TX, talk to the experts at Alpine Funeral Home and we can give you other ideas, options, and suggestions for gathering what you need.