How to deal with grief at a funeral

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There are conclusions to which people usually arrive (after the events have taken place), that they would have wished that they had known before. One of those things is how to deal with a funeral while still grieving, how to handle every little detail about your loved one’s last goodbye if you are undergoing terrible pain yourself? Emotional pain is sometimes undermined by our society’s high-paced culture. But there is an incredibly wide range as to how can emotions affect one’s decisions, hence the importance of controlling or managing them. Funeral homes Fort Worth, TX like Alpine Funeral Home, help by taking a huge amount of weight off your shoulders but it is true, you are going to want to know how to cope with the hurricane of emotions that is probably going inside you.

Notify close friends and family. Sharing the news sooner rather than later is usually best. It’s customary to share the news with the immediate family first and then with close friends. If someone offers to help with spreading the news with those who care, let them. It should take some pressure off your shoulders and it would probably let the one offering contribute in a way, to help relieve the pain.

How to cope with you job while still grieving?

Immediately after a funeral people tend to not be ready (emotionally) to move on to other responsibilities, like work for example. Losing a loved one is, as many would agree, one of life’s biggest challenges, regardless of who you are.

Here are some tips that should help you the going-back-to-work experience in way that is helpful and less uncomfortable for the most amount of people.

You should not assume that your coworkers will know what just happened to you, or let’s be real, what might still happening to you. Let alone, would they understand your pain right now. Making assumptions is usually a “no, no”, in this case it is of essence that you stick to the professional aspects of work. Which, you may find very hard at the beginning, but could contribute to distracting you and taking your mind off things that are not helpful, nor productive to be thinking about constantly.

Refrain from showing too much emotion. Chances are you are the most on edge while grieving. Going to a funeral and honoring the memory of a loved one is not easy; it is for many people the moment of truth in which they finally accept the loss and say they last goodbye. It is very normal that some feelings stick to your body for a while. But you need to let go little by little. Our advice for now is: do not show it at work, you might regret it later. No one deserves to suffer in silence but if you find that you have no one to talk to, except for your coworkers, maybe it is time to consider getting the help of a professional. Therapists are there for us to get the help we need when we are not strong enough to cope with life and there is no shame in that.

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Funeral homes Fort Worth, TX usually make their clients’ intentions a priority so that they do not have to struggle any more than what’s necessary while grieving.

Commonly asked questions about cremation

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When it comes to moments of heightened emotional states, taking decisions could reach a whole new level of stress. Not only are you grieving but you have important decisions to make. And so, as different people react in different ways, from getting blocked/paralyzed without knowing how to act, to crying, denying or maybe getting angry or upset. Imagine on top of everything, being expected to make funeral arrangements. Relying on someone else, experts in the matter, like funeral homes is the most efficient way to go. But from there, you might still have a million questions about cremation services Richland Hills, TX;or maybe you don’t. In that case, we at Alpine Funeral Home have put together a list that should help you get a grasp of what other people out there, most asked.

How long after death is cremation usually done?

The answer to this question is 48 to 72 hours. It takes a while to process all the permits that are required to get a body cremated. During the wait period, however it takes in your case, the body will be kept in a refrigerated area in order to delay decomposition.

How long does it take to cremate a body?

During cremation, the human body is reduced to 3-7 pounds of ask-like remains. When they cool down from the initial part of the process, they are given a more uniform appearance. All of this is usually done in 2 hours or 2 hours and a half.

Do cremated ashes really look like ash?

Remains from cremation are kind of greyish and have a sandy texture.

Does my religion allow cremation?

Most religions nowadays accept the practice of cremation.

How long after cremation are the ashes actually ready?

It would obviously depend on the facility you choose to perform it for you. But it could take from two to seven days. It also depends on your decision of having them hand-delivered or mailed to you. Naturally, there may be some circumstances where the cremation is delayed. For instance, the body may have to be transported to another town, state, or country.

How is the cremation process actually like?

The container is placed in the cremating chamber. When the cremated remains are cooled, they are processed to a uniformly-sized substance and placed in an urn. Then the cremated remains are given to the family.

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Who should I contact first to handle the cremation for me?

You got to make sure you contact someone who deserves your trust. A place like Alpine Funeral Services, which has been around for a while and that stands by the most loyal ethical norms of out society, will make sure that everything is taken care of in an elegant way. The necessary arrangements for cremation service Richland Hills, TX, will all be made in a way that you feels that really honors the memory of your loved one.

How do funeral homes decide on clothes?

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Burial clothes could say a lot about how much we loved the person who now is away for good. Chances are this would be the way, that most people attending the funeral, will likely remember them in the future. “What type of burial clothes are deemed appropriate for a funeral? How should I dress my loved one?” We all have these type of questions when we face loss and have to deal with making arrangements for that person’s memory to be honoured. But truth is most of us do not want to think about these issues. Dealing with loss is hard enough. It may be helpful to know how others usually carry out this process. There is really no right way to do things, there is just tradition and experience based on repeating the same process over and over again. Funeral homes Richland Hills, TX help you by taking undesired responsibilities like this off your hands.

Requirements for clothing have been really more religious-oriented traditionally. Some religions, like catholicism, for example expect their followers to conduct the service in certain specific ways and usually require a more formal attire. A catholic man, would dress a shirt or a suit, whereas a woman would be well dressed in a blouse or a dress.

Do I have to buy new clothes for the deceased?

This would be completely up to you. Most people usually pick something from the deceased’s wardrobe. An exception to this is when specific religious traditions are followed. For example, Islamic faith requires that family members wash and dress the body with a sheet or shroud before burial.

What happens to the clothes that people get buried in?

The buried outfit is meant to decompose along with the body. The rate at which garments decompose depends on the material they are made of.

Are people buried in the clothes they die in?

That it rarely the case because most times the attire will not be appropriate for funeral services.

Take a look around the house. If the deceased intended to wear something specific for this time, they would have most likely left some note behind. This is becoming a more common practice nowadays. As people learn to cope in a better way with the fact that they have a terminal illness, or that they have reached an old age, they start to try to do as much as possible, to minimize the stress on their family members.

See if you find a note pinned to a hanger or a box.

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Have you heard of the term “Death Positive Movement”?

This is all about encouraging people to decide how they would like their remains to be handled. Most cases include a close death for any particular reason, so people cope with their mortalities in more realistic ways. It includes an inclination to be more honest about honoring our loved ones who have passed away. It gravitates towards dressing them up for their funeral service Richland Hills, TX how he or she would have dressed while still alive.

Choose the Best and Affordable Funeral Homes in Fort Worth, Texas


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The death of a loved-one can be an emotional and difficult time. A funeral home is a place where the deceased will lie in their final resting place, so it should be somewhere that feels like home for the family. Families often have to make decisions on how they would like their loved one buried or cremated, as well as what type of ceremony they would want at the service. There are many things to consider when choosing a funeral home in Fort Worth, Texas. This article offers helpful information about the best funeral home in your area.

How long can a funeral home hold a body in Texas?

In Texas, a funeral home can hold a body for 3 to 7 days. Generally, the funeral director will recommend you begin making final arrangements within three or four days of passing. So it’s wise to select your desired arrangements as soon as possible so that there is no delay in the processing of your loved one. In addition, cremation and inurnment are common alternatives to traditional burial services that help reduce time spent at a funeral home with a deceased loved one. There may be additional costs associated with these methods but they can also help family members who live out-of-town get back quickly after arriving for visitation and services since there is less time spent at the funeral establishment.

How much does cremation cost in Fort Worth Texas?

A cremation can cost anywhere from $250-$1,800. The average cost of a cremation in the United States is $2,500. This price will vary depending on whether we are talking about a traditional or direct cremation (traditional cremation being more expensive). A private viewing of the deceased before cleanup and removal usually costs extra, as do specialized containers, caskets, and urns used for the disposal process. For those who wish to be closer at hand to their loved ones during this time period, there is also an option for that too.

Prices can vary based on the area you live in. We look forward to taking care of you, and we are dedicated to giving affordable dignity to our family. Reach us at (817) 834-4116 for more information.

Here Are Some Tips on Choosing a Funeral Home

When your loved one passes away, you want to be able to honor their life. There are several funeral homes in the Fort Worth area.

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1. Know the basics of a funeral home.

Funerals are a part of life and an important event in the lives of many people. If you are planning to plan one, be sure that all details have been considered so there will not be any surprises on your special day.

Funeral homes provide services for those who wish to give a loved one the best send-off possible by honoring their death with remembrance ceremonies and funeral rituals through various prayer sessions or visitation hours before burial arrangements take place.

2. Ask for a price list from different funeral homes.

Before you make your final decision on which funeral home to go with for the arrangements of a loved one, it is important to do as much research and comparison-shopping as possible. This way, you can be sure that no matter what happens in the future there will not be any regrets later. Ask around or look online for some price lists from different places so that you know how competitive they are when it comes down to prices – don’t just take their word about pricing either because people may get discounts if they plan ahead but most won’t offer them upfront.

3. Consider what you want to spend on your loved one’s service.

4. Choose the best and affordable funeral home that suits your budget and needs.

Before your loved one passes away, it’s wise to ask for a price list from different funeral homes so that you can be fully prepared. There are many things included in the pricing which vary and change depending on what is needed by the deceased or family of choice. You should not sign any contracts with an institution until these details have been discussed beforehand – only then will you know how much this process may cost before they pass away.

5. Make sure the funeral home has a good reputation in the community, as well as affordable prices.

Funerals are a very important part of the grieving process, and it is imperative that you do not cut any corners. You want to make sure your final arrangements will be taken care of by people who are qualified in their field with an excellent reputation for affordable prices.
The funeral home is not only a place you need to go for funerals, but it can also help with cremations. The more affordable your prices are, the better reputation these places have in our community.

The idea of where someone should be buried or their ashes scattered after death has been around since ancient times and it’s still an important question today that may affect how well-respected the person was during his life by society at large (aside from those who care about them personally).

How do I choose a funeral home in Fort Worth Texas?

The general rule is to choose a funeral home that’s in your area and run by a licensed, professional funeral director. It’s also important to do some research on the funeral homes around you before signing any contracts. The specific factors you’ll want to take into consideration are price, reputation, service offerings, and location.

You’ll also want to ask for examples of services and packages they offer from each venue so that you know what your plan looks like ahead of time.
Finding a funeral home is hard. There are thousands of them in every city and they all seem to offer the same basic services at similar prices.
Most people don’t know how to choose a funeral home, so they just go with whatever one their family recommends or the first one that pops up on Google Maps. This can be dangerous because you could end up choosing an unlicensed or inexperienced company that will overcharge you for subpar service.

Alpine Funeral Home offers affordable but quality services while being close enough to your house so that you never have to worry about traffic delays when it’s time for visitation or burial services. We also help families find nearby hotels should any additional guests need lodging during this difficult time and provide transportation options if needed as well as food catering recommendations from local restaurants if friends and family want to get together after the funeral service has ended.

The Best Funeral Home in Fort Worth, TX

When you are planning for someone’s funeral, it is important that not only the service be a fitting memorial to that person’s life, but also the spot where their body will lie in peace. Alpine Funeral Home has casket options for all budgets. The funeral directors and staff are experts in providing a range of services, from classic entombments to cremation. Explore our selection online or contact us today with any questions while you’re planning ahead for your loved one’s funeral processional needs.


Do You Plan to Scatter Ashes? Keep These Things in Mind

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Do You Plan to Scatter Ashes? Keep These Things in Mind

Will you be scattering the cremated remains of your dearly departed loved one following their cremation service in Haltom City, TX? Many families choose to honor their dead by scattering their ashes after a memorial service or celebration of life service. If this is the course of action your family intends to take, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before scattering.

Make Sure You’re Scattering in the Right Place(s)

While cremation ashes don’t pose risks to the environment or to people, that doesn’t mean you can scatter with reckless abandon. You can, for instance, scatter the ashes on private land. But you need the property owner’s permission. That won’t be an issue if you’re scattering the ashes on your own property. But if you’ll want to do it on another’s land, you’ll need their go-ahead first. In terms of scattering on public land, get permission first. You’ll find that you’ll have a lot of leeway in terms of where you can scatter ashes. But it’s best to seek guidance beforehand. The funeral director who helps you plan will be a good source of information in this regard.

Buy an Urn that Makes Scattering Easier

Did you know there are urns that make scattering cremation ashes much easier? When you’re looking for an urn, one of the things the funeral director will ask is what you plan to do with the ashes. If you tell them that you’ll be scattering the cremated remains, the funeral director will likely show you a range of urns that will facilitate the spreading of ashes. When you have an appropriate urn, the scattering process will go much more smoothly.

Arrange the Scattering Ceremony

You’ll also want to take some time to arrange the scattering ceremony. As was mentioned earlier, many families scatter the ashes after a memorial service. So your family might want to hold a memorial or a celebration of life service and then conclude the event by scattering the ashes. If the plan is to scatter on your property, you might want to hold a private gathering in your home before scattering the ashes on your property. If the deceased had loved gardening, then it can be most appropriate to scatter the ashes in the flower garden that had tended.

Spread the Word

You’ll want to notify people who you want to have at the scattering ceremony. Of course, you might simply want to keep it an all-family affair. And that’s, of course, fine. But if you’ll be holding the event for family, friends, and well-wishers, you’ll want to let them know the day, time, and place of the event.

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When you’re ready to plan a cremation service in Haltom City, TX, get in touch with us for the help you require. As for our final services options, we offer traditional service, graveside service, cremation with a viewing, and direct cremation. For the help you need, give us a call. You can also visit us if you’d like to speak with someone in person. We’re here to help!

Buying What You Need from the Funeral Home Makes the Most Sense

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Buying What You Need from the Funeral Home Makes the Most Sense

It’s a matter of federal law that you have the right to buy things like a casket or a coffin from wherever you want. You can buy it from the Haltom City, TX funeral home that you hire to handle the funeral service or cremation service. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Even though you have a choice, however, you should seriously consider getting what you need from the funeral home that assists you with arranging the body disposition. Here are some reasons why it’s best to buy what you need from the funeral home rather than from elsewhere.

You Get to Deal with Experts

One reason why it’s best to buy from a funeral home rather than from elsewhere is that you’ll have the chance to work with the experts. If you want a casket or an urn and have never bought one before, you’ll benefit from the expert knowledge you’ll get from the staff at a funeral home. Sure, you could buy from an online store or from a brick-and-mortar store. But chances are you won’t find the staff to be as knowledgeable. This will put you at a disadvantage. If you want help from experts, you’ll be best served by getting what you want from the funeral home.

You Get a Better Selection

Another reason it makes sense to buy the products you need from a death care services provider is that you’ll likely have a bigger selection. When you request the general price list, you’ll see everything that the funeral home offers and what the costs are for these items. The better the selection, the more options you will have. The funeral director and other staff at the funeral home will be there to help you get the right urn, casket, or some other product.

You Won’t Have to Worry About Waiting for Deliveries

Yet another reason it’s best to buy whatever you need from the funeral home you get to carry out the final service is that you won’t have to wait for things to be delivered. If you opt to buy an urn from an online vendor, for instance, you will have to wait for it to be delivered to your mailbox. Do you want to run the risk of the urn arriving late? That could lead to untold headaches that you’ll want to avoid – especially since you’ll already be dealing with enough.

You’ll be Able to Keep Things Simple

Do you want to have to deal with the funeral home for the final service and another vendor for the products you’ll need? Having to do so will make things more complicated since you’ll have to work with two separate companies.

Are you looking for a funeral home in Haltom City, TX? We’re here to help, so get in touch. As for our final services options, we offer traditional service, graveside service, cremation with a viewing, and direct cremation. For the help you need, give us a call. You can also visit us if you’d like to speak with someone in person. We’re here to help!

Need to Learn More About Cremation Services? Here Are Some Ideas

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Need to Learn More About Cremation Services? Here Are Some Ideas

In case you haven’t noticed it, cremation services in Fort Worth, TX have become more and more common. Whether because of the cost-effectiveness, the permanent memorialization options, or the simplicity, many families prefer planning cremations over planning funerals.

But if you don’t know all that much about cremation as a body disposition option, what can you do to increase your knowledge base? Here’s a look at some of the options available to you.

Search Online

One way you can learn more about cremation services is by searching online. It’s an easy way to get some information that will help you decide whether or not you want to plan one. You can find out about the process, the reasons people choose to plan then, and much more. While online, also be sure to look at funeral home websites to see what they offer.

Read Reviews

You can also learn more about cremation services by reading online reviews. You’ll get to see what other people have to say about funeral homes and final services packages. If you’re looking for a funeral home, you’ll find reviews and testimonials to be indispensable. While you won’t want to depend entirely on what you find in reviews, reviews will provide some useful info.

Talk to People You Know

Do you know anyone who has planned a cremation service before? If so, try approaching some of them and asking them about what the process was like. You’ll want to know what the planning process was like, what funeral homes they used, how helpful the staff were, how pleased they were with cremation services packages they selected, and things along these lines.

Ask Your Pastor

Are you the member of a church? If so, you might want to ask the pastor or another leader about cremation services. They may be able to provide some unique insights that help you to decide whether or not to plan a cremation service after losing a loved one. Your pastor will also be able to recommend other resources should you need more information.

Ask a Funeral Director

Your best bet is to ask a funeral director. The funeral director and other staff at the funeral home you go to will have expert-level knowledge. They’ll be best positioned to answer any and all questions you might have. If you wish, they can set up a consultation to discuss your needs. Do you need to arrange a final service? The funeral director at a funeral home will be able to help.

Do you need to find a funeral home that will be able to provide cremation services for Fort Worth, TX families? If so, you’ve come to the right place because we can certainly help. We have a track record for helping people in their times of need. Get in touch to find out more.

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As for our final services options, we offer traditional service, graveside service, cremation with a viewing, and direct cremation. For the help you need, give us a call. You can also visit us if you’d like to speak with someone in person. We’re here to help!

Tips for Finding the Right Casket for Your Deceased Loved One

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Tips for Finding the Right Casket for Your Deceased Loved One


When you go to a funeral home in Fort Worth, TX to plan a funeral service for a deceased loved one, one of the things you’ll have to choose is a casket. You might end up being surprised at the different types of caskets available in different styles and at different price points.

The funeral home you patronize will have a variety of caskets for you to choose from. And you can bet that the funeral director who assists you with planning the funeral service will be able to help you choose the right one for your deceased family members. But it’s also true that you can help the funeral director to help you best by doing a few things. Read on to learn more.

Don’t Understand Something? Ask Questions
When you go to the funeral home and look at the selection of caskets, you’ll naturally have some questions. And that’s what the funeral home staff are there for. They can show you the various features available in caskets nowadays. They can help you understand why one casket is more expensive than another or why paying more for a particular casket might be a good idea. What you can count on is that you’ll be equipped to make an informed buying decision.

Make a Realistic Budget…and Stick to it
It makes sense to set a realistic budget after looking at the funeral home’s general price list. You’ll see that there are different price points. Which one makes the most sense for you and your family? Once you come up with a budget, go to the funeral home. If you set a realistic budget, you won’t have a hard time sticking to it. The funeral director will help you find an appropriate casket that comes with a price tag you can afford.

Keep in Mind What Your Loved One Would Have Wanted
It’s a good idea to think about what your deceased family member would have selected. You can consider their personality, for instance. If they were somewhat reserved, you can get a simple casket. And if they had loved the finer things in life, then you can get a more upscale casket. Whatever you ultimately decide, try to stay within your budget.

Consider Materials and Features
You can obtain coffins made from wood, steel, and other materials. You can learn more about the available materials by carefully examining the price list from the funeral home you go to. You can also ask about the options for linings and other things that go into making a casket.

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When you need to find a reputable funeral home serving Fort Worth, TX residents, we have you covered. We’ll help you with whatever you need whether that means choosing a casket or helping with anything else connecting to arranging a funeral service. As for our final services options, we offer traditional service, graveside service, cremation with a viewing, and direct cremation. For the help you need, give us a call. You can also visit us if you’d like to speak with someone in person. We’re here to help!

Why Should You Consider Cremation with a Viewing?

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Why Should You Consider Cremation with a Viewing?

Is a viewing necessary before the cremation of a deceased loved one? While it’s by no means a requirement to have a viewing, there are definitely some good reasons to include one. You’ll be able to pair a cremation with a viewing when you choose the right provider of cremation services in Richland Hills, TX. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of going this route.

Pay Last Respects

One reason you should plan a cremation with a viewing is that it will allow attendees to pay their last respects. Whether or not you had been able to see and interact with the deceased before their death, you will want to honor their memory in any way you can. Yes, you can do this at a funeral, graveside service, or memorial. But you can also do this at a viewing. The body will be present so that you, your family, and other people who knew the deceased can view them one last time before the final service.

Gain Closure

Another reason it’s important to have a viewing is that it will give people the opportunity to gain closure. Remember that everyone is different. Some will gain closure fast than others. For those who might need more time to accept what has happened, a viewing can be an important event. They’ll be able to gather with family and friends to see someone they had loved and cared about in this life. Once people gain closure after losing someone special to them, they will be able to heal and move forward. So a viewing can definitely be a powerful event for family and friends.


Some traditions are worth keeping. If your family has always held things like viewings after losing loved ones, then it might simply be a case of sticking with what works. The viewing can be part of the healing experience as people come together to recognize someone’s passing.

Honor the Deceased’s Request

Did the deceased want you to have a viewing ahead of their body disposition? If so, you’ll certainly want to honor their request by holding a viewing. The funeral home you plan with will have the right spaces for viewings. And you can bet that they’ll be able to help you plan a viewing that honors your deceased relative and comforts the rest of your family.

cremation services Richland Hills TX

Do you need to arrange a funeral service or cremation service in, Richland Hills, TX? Are you interested in possibly holding a viewing prior to the final service? If so, we can certainly help. We specialize in helping families to plan fitting final send-offs for loved ones who have died. So if you need help from a reputable funeral home, get in touch to speak with our funeral director. As for our final services options, we offer traditional service, graveside service, cremation with a viewing, and direct cremation. For the help you need, give us a call. You can also visit us if you’d like to speak with someone in person. We’re here to help!

Memorial Venue Options After the Funeral Service or Cremation Service

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Memorial Venue Options After the Funeral Service or Cremation Service

Many families hold memorial services either after funeral services or cremation services for their loved ones. Memorial services are about taking the time to remember special persons who have passed away. So while you’re arranging a final service at a funeral home in Richland Hills, TX, you will want to consider whether or not to hold a memorial service. It’s also important to figure out where to hold it. Here are some venue suggestions that you’ll want to mull over.

Dining establishment

Some restaurants allow people to book a section of the venue to hold different events. If there’s a dinery where your loved one had enjoyed eating, then it might be a good idea to have the memorial there. You can use a room in the facility and then have the reception there.

Home Sweet Home

You an also hold a memorial in the family home. So if the plan is to have a family only memorial service, you’ll want to consider having a small gathering in a private home. You can sit around in the living room and share memories, share a meal, and even scatter the ashes if your deceased loved one had been cremated.

House of Worship

You can also consider holding the memorial service in a house of worship. Churches tend to charge a nominal amount for use of their buildings for events like memorials. And if you’re a member of a house of worship, you might be able to use the facility for free. Most people are accustomed to going to a church for a funeral or memorial. So a church is an ideal venue.


You can additionally hold a memorial service outdoors someplace. You can hold it outside on your patio deck, hold it in a mark, hold it in the backyard of your cottage, or do something else. If the deceased had enjoyed nothing more than spending time outdoors, then holding a memorial service outside can be a great idea.


Another option is to hold the memorial virtually. This means that the “venue” will be an online space. People will be able to tune in from wherever they want. Do you have loved ones in different cites, states, or countries? They will be able to take part in the virtual memorial. There are lots of online tools you can use to host the virtual memorial.

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Do you need to speak to the funeral director at a funeral home in Richland Hills, TX? Whether you want to plan a funeral service or cremation service, need to ask questions, or want some more suggestions on where to hold a cremation, we can definitely help you. As for our final services options, we offer traditional service, graveside service, cremation with a viewing, and direct cremation. We can also help you preplan your own final service. For the help you need, give us a call. You can also visit us if you’d like to speak with someone in person. We’re here to help!