Burying Remains After Cremation Services

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When you decide that cremation services in Haltom City, TX are the right option for your loved one who recently passed away, that’s an honorable process to choose. You are able to get their needs met fairly easily by just choosing a cremation package from the funeral home. These packages include everything you have to have like transportation, help with paperwork, care for your loved one, the cremation process, and even a simple container for their remains. Once cremation is complete, you have no timeline on planning services or even on deciding what you want to do with their ashes. If you are thinking about burial, there are definitely advantages to that option. Here are a few to consider. 

Keep Them Safe

When you bury a loved one’s remains in a cemetery, you know they are going to be safe and sound where you placed them. It might be important to you to know your loved one’s remains are secure. If you keep their urn in your home, you never know what might happen. They urn could get tipped over and broken, there could be a fire, the list is endless. But when you have your loved one buried, their remains are safe and sound at all times for the long haul. 

Give Them A Central Location For Visits

Having a burial plot in a cemetery can give your loved one a central location for your family members to visit when they want to think about them in the future. They can visit on special occasions, when they want to remember them, when they’d like to honor them with flowers, and so on. Having the cemetery location allows anyone to visit whenever they want, within visiting hours. If you scatter the ashes, you may not feel like your loved one is there any longer when you visit. And if you keep them at home, it might be awkward for others to try and visit.

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Allow For A Permanent Memorial

There are lots of different permanent memorial options, but when you bury a loved one in a cemetery, there will be a grave marker of some kind. That is a permanent memorial automatically and that can help you to honor them in a way that won’t go away as time passes. 

Have Some Traditions

While cremation has been around for thousands of years, it is still something that many people think is ‘new’ or ‘nontraditional’. Even if you feel good about that option, you may still want to have traditional aspects in the mix. You can bury your loved one and do traditional ceremonies around burial, even if you cremated them prior to that fact. 

When you are deciding things for a loved one after they pass on, cremation services in Haltom City, TX are always going to be a nice choice to make. The professionals at Alpine Funeral Home can talk to you about the burial process once the cremation is complete and we can go over other options with you for final resting places as well.