Choosing A Florist For Funeral Home Services

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When you are going to have services for a loved one who passed on with funeral homes in Richland Hills, TX, there are lots of little details that can help you pull it all together. You want the services to look nice and to honor your loved one. That often means using flowers as a decoration. While you will likely get a bunch of flower arrangements from friends and other family members, you might want something yourself. Here are a few tips in finding a good florist for this particular job. 

Research Local Options

Before you make any calls or visits, you can research the options online. Most local florists are going to have websites and you will be able to tell a lot about them. You might find that some specialize in weddings while others do a lot of funerals. You want experience so you are able to get what you need for your loved one without question. You also need a professional who can help you with ideas in case you don’t know exactly what you want. 

Make Some Phone Calls

Once you know a little more about the florists in the area, you can narrow down the list and start to make a few calls. You can ask what flowers are in season and easy to get ahold of. You can ask what the turnaround time is for an order. And you can talk to the florists about your loved one so they can get to know their style and personality. 

Visit The Store For Examples

When you have some phone calls in, you might feel like it’s time to hit the stores and visit with the florists in person. You can walk through the stores and see some examples of the things that florist has done. They will likely also have books available of past jobs so you can see if there’s something that draws you in and inspires you with your loved one in mind.

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Get Ideas

With the florist standing before you, it’s a good time to get some ideas from their expertise. They may have suggestions as to what flowers will stand out at a funeral instead of being something standard. They might be able to tell you how to incorporate your loved one’s favorite flowers in to an arrangement that would be nice for their funeral. Their ideas can really help you to get something that works well in every way. 

Check The Pricing

The flowers are just a part of the funeral home process and you are going to want to know what the costs will be. You want flowers that look nice and will last, but you also have a budget in mind for the funeral home event as a whole. Get their price list and see what you can afford.  

When you are working with funeral homes in Richland Hills, TX, you can ask the professionals at Alpine Funeral Home for advice on which florists in town know funeral flowers well.