Commonly asked questions about cremation

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When it comes to moments of heightened emotional states, taking decisions could reach a whole new level of stress. Not only are you grieving but you have important decisions to make. And so, as different people react in different ways, from getting blocked/paralyzed without knowing how to act, to crying, denying or maybe getting angry or upset. Imagine on top of everything, being expected to make funeral arrangements. Relying on someone else, experts in the matter, like funeral homes is the most efficient way to go. But from there, you might still have a million questions about cremation services Richland Hills, TX;or maybe you don’t. In that case, we at Alpine Funeral Home have put together a list that should help you get a grasp of what other people out there, most asked.

How long after death is cremation usually done?

The answer to this question is 48 to 72 hours. It takes a while to process all the permits that are required to get a body cremated. During the wait period, however it takes in your case, the body will be kept in a refrigerated area in order to delay decomposition.

How long does it take to cremate a body?

During cremation, the human body is reduced to 3-7 pounds of ask-like remains. When they cool down from the initial part of the process, they are given a more uniform appearance. All of this is usually done in 2 hours or 2 hours and a half.

Do cremated ashes really look like ash?

Remains from cremation are kind of greyish and have a sandy texture.

Does my religion allow cremation?

Most religions nowadays accept the practice of cremation.

How long after cremation are the ashes actually ready?

It would obviously depend on the facility you choose to perform it for you. But it could take from two to seven days. It also depends on your decision of having them hand-delivered or mailed to you. Naturally, there may be some circumstances where the cremation is delayed. For instance, the body may have to be transported to another town, state, or country.

How is the cremation process actually like?

The container is placed in the cremating chamber. When the cremated remains are cooled, they are processed to a uniformly-sized substance and placed in an urn. Then the cremated remains are given to the family.

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Who should I contact first to handle the cremation for me?

You got to make sure you contact someone who deserves your trust. A place like Alpine Funeral Services, which has been around for a while and that stands by the most loyal ethical norms of out society, will make sure that everything is taken care of in an elegant way. The necessary arrangements for cremation service Richland Hills, TX, will all be made in a way that you feels that really honors the memory of your loved one.