Cremation Jewelry Benefits

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When you are searching for something special to do for a loved one, and to comfort yourself, around a loved one’s cremation services in Richland Hills, TX, there are plenty of options to consider. In fact, cremation allows you to have those options and to do something that you feel right about. Cremation jewelry is one such option. These pieces allow you to place a small amount of your loved one’s ashes inside, like a mini-urn, and you can carry it and wear it anywhere you’d like. Here are a few benefits of such an option.

Maintain A Connection To Your Loved One

When you cremate a loved one, there are lots of things you can do with their ashes. If you scatter them, it’s a physical way to actually let go of them. But you might want to keep part of them as well so you can feel connected to them in a very real way. Having some of their ashes in a container you can wear close to your heart can give you that connection.

Share Your Loved One With Family

There are many people in your family who might also be close to the loved one who passed on. If it was a parent, for example, and you have siblings, you might all want to keep some of your loved one. If you each get a piece of your loved one’s ashes to place inside a cremation jewelry item, that’s definitely possible. You can even give these pieces as a very special gift to those closest to the deceased.

Have A Family Heirloom To Pass Down

When you have a jewelry piece that encompasses a bit of your loved one, that is going to be a piece that is completely unique and special to your family. It’s something you will treasure and it might be something you want to pass down through the generations. It’s a ready-made family heirloom and that can be something everyone treasures from here on out.

Keep The Costs Down

Cremation jewelry pieces come in a range of prices and you should be able to get something within your budget range. They can cost less than a larger urn, for example, and help you to keep costs down. You still get to keep some of your loved one and you can bury the rest of the ashes or perhaps scatter them in a special location.

cremation services In Richland Hills TX 1When you are looking into options around cremation services in Richland, TX, the professionals at Alpine Funeral Home are here to help. We want you to understand that we won’t make decisions for you, but we will give you ideas and options that might help you to figure out what you want for that special person. Once you make those decisions, we will support you in them and throughout everything you go through, you get compassion from us. It can be hard to make these decisions, but after cremation, there is no timeline so you can think for as long as you want until you feel right.