Cremation Jewelry—Things To Do With It

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When one of your beloved family members passes on, your first concern is to contact funeral homes in Fort Worth, TX and make sure they get the care they need. You are going to want to look over the options and consider cremation. While it costs less, gives you more options, and is honorable, it’s also permanent so you want to make sure it’s the direction you want to take before you move forward. If you do decide to go with cremation, there are lots of things you can do with your loved one’s remains once the process is completed. Some people find comfort in cremation jewelry, for example.

What is cremation jewelry? These jewelry pieces are like small urns that you can actually wear. They hold just a small it of ashes and are often shaped like a cross, pendant, or heart, though there are many other options. If you like the idea of cremation jewelry, here are a few things you can do with the pieces once you have them.

Share Some With Family

You can get just one cremation jewelry piece, but since they hold just a small bit of ashes, you can also get two, three, or many. If you get several pieces, you can fill them with your loved one’s remains (the cremation provider can take care of that task for you) and give them to family members you feel would appreciate the gesture. You can either gift them, or talk to family and see what kind of piece they would be interested. You might know their style, so you can choose something fitting. Or, you might like for them to pick out something they would appreciate and wear.

Display The Piece At Home

While you can wear cremation jewelry, and some people wear the piece at all times, you might want another option. You could also display the piece at home, either between times of wearing it or on a more permanent basis. You could place it in a shadow box, for example, and hang it on the wall next to a picture of your loved one, or something else honoring like that.

Place It Somewhere For Safe Keeping

You might not wear the piece often because you are afraid of breaking and losing it or of something happening to it, and that’s okay. You can place the jewelry item in a fireproof safe or another safe location and that can help you to know it’s there when you want to see it, but also that it’s safe at all times.

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If you decide to have a cremation jewelry piece, the professionals at funeral homes in Fort Worth, TX can help you to look at the options. They often have choices to consider and they can point you to other vendors with further options if you want something different. They want you to honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit, even down to the cremation jewelry pieces you might want.