Cremation Services Myths that Are Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

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If you’re going to be planning final services for someone, the last thing you want is to make a decision based on misconceptions, falsehoods, or downright lies. You can’t go wrong whether you plan funeral services or cremation services in Haltom City, TX. The reason for this is that both options are respectable final services options. But for some reason, there are some misconceptions about cremations that many people assume are true. This can be problematic because it’s never a good idea for people to make decisions based on bad information.

Read on to see some of the more puzzling things that have been said about cremation over the years.

You Might Get a Strangers Ashes in Your Loved One’s Urn

This error assumes that more than one body is ever placed into a cremation chamber. The thing, however, is that this is impossible. Cremation chambers only have enough room for one body at a time, and funeral homes and crematories are mandated to only cremate one body at a time. So when the death care services provider gives you an urn with your loved one’s ashes inside, you won’t have to worry about whether or not a stranger’s ashes are in there as well.

Cremation Involves Setting Bodies Ablaze

Some people believe that bodies are set on fire in the cremation chamber. But that’s not how the cremation process works in modern times. Bodies are placed into cremation chambers and are actually subjected to intense heat rather than to fire. So rather than burning bodies up, cremation chambers – using high heat – reduce bodies to ashes and fragments of bone. After this, the funeral home grinds everything up so that what is left are ashes. The ashes, or cremains as there are officially called, are then placed into a cremation urn.

You Can’t be Cremated if You’re a Person of Faith

If you’re Muslim, you can’t be cremated. Some branches within Judaism and Greek Orthodox churches are also staunchly against cremation as a body disposition. But the majority of religions regard cremation as a fitting body disposition option. So while it’s true that a small handful of religions don’t approve of cremation, it’s inaccurate to say that all faith communities are against cremation. If you’re in doubt as to what your religion has to say about cremation, ask the funeral director at the funeral home you work with. They’ll be able to answer your questions.

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When the time comes to make final services arrangements, you’ll want to find a provider of funeral services and cremation services in Haltom City, TX. You can’t trust just any service provider, of course, so it’s always best to do a little bit of research before choosing a service provider. Try checking out online reviews, talking to friends and co-workers about funeral homes they’ve hired to help plan final services, and making calls to speak to funeral directors. If you take such steps, you’ll increase your odds of finding a reputable service provider to help you.