Distributing the News About Cremation Services

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It’s hard to learn that a loved one has passed on and then, when you have to arrange their final services and make those tough decisions, that can also be hard to face. You might figure out that cremation services Fort Worth, TX are the right path for your loved one. Whatever your reasons are, cremation is honorable and respectful. While you probably called your family members right away to let them know that your loved one passed away, and some of them might be helping you with the plans, once the cremation service plans and possibly a memorial plan is in place, you will need to distribute that news as well. Here are some ways that you can do that.

A Telephone Tree

You have a lot on your plate with making the plans and you have to think about your own grieving process as well. You could simply call a few family members and let them know what the memorial service plans are. You can then ask them to distribute the news to others from there. Work up a list for each of them and let them make some calls so you don’t have as much to do, but are confident the news will spread.

Place The Obituary

You may not be able to reach everyone by phone because there are some people you don’t have contact information for and there are others you don’t even know that would want to know that your loved one has passed on. The obituary can be a death announcement, but it can also include the cremation service information along with the memorial details. It’s a nice thing to list those details out, whether they are open to the public or not, so people have a place to send flowers and cards, if they so choose. You can put the obituary up on the funeral home website and that is a good start. But only people who know to look there will find it. You might also want to put it into newspapers in the area or even up on social media so you can get the information out even further.

Send Invitations

While it’s not something people do every day, you can absolutely send invitations to your loved one’s cremation services. This is a nice way to let people know they are invited to the event, especially if you are keeping it small and intimate. You can make the invitation in a way that makes it a keepsake. Include a picture of your loved one, perhaps details about them and so on.

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When a family member passes on, you have to decide what to do for them. Cremation services in Fort Worth, TX are honorable and respectful and when you make the memorial service plans, you will want to distribute those plans to other family members. The professionals at Alpine Funeral Home can help you with all of the plans and we can also help you distribute the information needed to your family.