Don’t be Fooled By Any Cremation Service Misconceptions

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Don’t be Fooled By Any Cremation Service Misconceptions

Are you in the process of planning a cremation service in Fort Worth, TX? If so, you will be able to arrange a final service that honors the memory of someone special to you. But one thing that could make the planning process harder than it needs to be is inaccurate information. You’ll want to be able to separate fact from fiction when planning a cremation with a funeral director.

Read on to see some of the more confusing things that have actually been stated about cremation over the years.

Myth: Cremation Cheapens Body Disposition Experience

Some people mistakenly believe that cremation cheapens the final send-off for a loved one. This is untrue. You and your family will get to choose between a funeral and a cremation. While there are many benefits with planning a funeral service in a church, this is not an option that all families want or need. If you wish to plan a cremation but want to have some sort of gathering, you can arrange a memorial service or a celebration of life service. Another option is to set up a family gathering where you all share a meal and some good conversation. So there are different things you can do to ensure that your loved one gets the final send-off they deserve.

Myth: Body is Set on Fire

Some individuals believe that bodies are set on fire in the cremation chamber. However, that’s not how the cremation procedure works in these modern times. What really happens is that the body is placed into the cremation chamber and the high heat does the work of reducing the body back to its basic elements. After that process is done and the bone fragments cool down, the bone fragments are pulverized to create what is referred to as ashes or cremated remains.

Myth: You Shouldn’t be Cremated if You’re Religious

It is true that some religions prohibit cremation as a body disposition. But it’s even more true that most religions accept cremations. Most of Christendom allows believers to choose the body disposition option they want. If you’re Muslim, you can’t be cremated. Orthodox Judaism and Greek Orthodox faiths also are against cremation.

Myth: It’s Possible to Get a Stranger’s Ashes in an Urn

This is definitely untrue. Death care services providers cremate one body at a time. So there’s really no chance for you to get a stranger’s ashes in the urn you take home with you. If you have any lingering doubts, ensure you speak with the funeral director who helps you plan. They’ll be able to explain the protocols and procedures the funeral home has in place to prevent mistakes.

cremation service Fort Worth TX

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