Questions You Should Ask about Funeral and Cremation in Richland Hills, TX

Questions You Should Ask about Funeral and Cremation in Richland Hills, TX

funeral homes in Fort Worth TX 300x188Alpine Funeral Home is a full-service concierge for funeral and cremation. We have been a family driven funeral home and has operated for over 20 years. We want to discover your needs and help you do the right thing for your family. We stand by our promise to serve your family with impeccable service. Give us a call at (817) 834-4116 as we are available to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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When you have a consultation with a funeral director, make sure you are prepared for the meeting with questions you have about the services. Our funeral planning staff is prepared to teach you about the industry so you can learn about the various options. This conversation empowers you in selecting the solutions that will be a perfect fit for your needs. We are here to help with every detail required for funeral and cremation in Richland Hills, TX.

As you learn more about our team at Alpine Funeral Home, you will see that we are committed to the care of each family. This is a difficult time to say goodbye to a friend or family member. Not only are we here to help with event planning, but we also offer a variety of resources to support the surviving family members. Talk to us about grief resources, post-funeral support, preplanning, and more.

Questions about Funeral and Cremation Planning in Richland Hills, TX

What questions do you have about planning a funeral or memorial service? Here are some of the most common questions you might discuss during your conversation with the funeral planning staff:

  • What is included in my funeral package? Choosing a funeral package means that you will receive specific services necessary for common funeral practices. We offer a variety of packages, giving you the flexibility to choose the price points and certain services that suit your preferences. Talk to us about the details of these packages, as well as add-on services to ensure an optimal event for your loved ones.
  • How much will I pay for this funeral package? Transparency is key when it comes to the price of funeral services. At Alpine Funeral Home, we provide full details about the cost of each of the services. Through the conversation, we are happy to offer various options at different price points, ensuring you honor your budget for this event.
  • What products are available for burial? If you prefer a cemetery burial, then it is necessary to purchase specific products such as caskets, vaults, and grave markers. We offer a variety of solutions, giving you the flexibility to personalize the products for your loved one.
  • What products are offered for a cremation? Some families prefer cremation, and different products are needed for these services. If you choose cremation, then talk to us about the various urn designs and styles that can be used for the ashes.
  • How many people can be hosted at the funeral home? Are you planning to hold the funeral or memorial service at the funeral home? Then you need to talk to the staff about the size of the meeting rooms and the availability of the facilities. Your guest list needs to match the space. We have small rooms for intimate gatherings, as well as a large chapel area for big groups. Or, you are welcome to use the services of our staff at another off-site location if preferred.
  • What paperwork do we need to complete? Not only do you need to provide information to the funeral home about the deceased individual and the family, but there is often paperwork for death certificates, insurance payments, and more. Our team will assist with all of the administrative requirements for your event.

As you ask these questions, it is the perfect time for you to learn more about funeral and cremation in Richland Hills, TX. More questions will likely come up during the conversation. We always dedicate the time necessary for each family. Rest assured knowing that we are only a phone call away if you have additional questions after the consultation.

Preparing for Future Funeral Services

We are here to help if you require short notice funeral services. Sometimes families have only a few days to design an event for a loved one. If you have limited time, then call our team as soon as possible for support. We have a detailed system that will walk you through all the specific decisions that need to be addressed to care for the needs of your family.

At the same time, our funeral planning staff is happy to discuss preplanning if desired. Preplanning can happen if you know that a funeral will be happening in the next few months. Or, you are welcome to contact us as early as you desire so you have plenty of time to explore the possibilities for the event. Many people prefer to finalize funeral services well in advance so there is no stress left on the family after they are gone.

We will gladly answer your questions about funeral and cremation in Richland Hills, TX. If you’d like to learn more about your options, then call us at Alpine Funeral Home. Visit our funeral home facilities located at 2300 N Sylvania Ave Fort Worth, TX 76111. Or call for a consultation: (817) 834-4116.


What are the fees excluded on your Cremation w/ Viewing package?

Not included in the package are Obituary notices, death certificates, county cremation fee, flowers, honorarium, and musicians. Read the whole package inclusion here.

What are the cemeteries you service to?

Here are the list of cemeteries we service to: Mt. Olivet, Greenwood, Laurel Land, Blue Bonnet Hills, Shannon’s Rose Hill, Moores Arlington, DFW National Cemetery. Learn more about our funeral services here.

What are the things to consider when choosing between cremation or burial?

When deciding whether you would go for cremation or the traditional funeral services, it is best to consider the following: cost, the society and religious acceptance, the carbon footprint, and the extensive options it will offer. Read full article here to help you decide better.