How to Write an Obituary

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How to Write an Obituary

How does one write an obituary? While planning a cremation service in Haltom City, TX, the funeral director will assist you at each stage of the process. So you will be able to rely on the funeral director and the other funeral home staff for assistance to help you write an obituary.

In case you’re at a loss as to where to start, here’s a look at how to write an obituary. But it doesn’t hurt to research what goes into writing up an obituary.

Announce the Passing of Your Loved One

You’ll want to begin the obituary with the person’s name, age, birthdate, date of passing, and time of passing. While you can include the cause of death, you don’t have to. That’s something that your family will want to discuss.

Biographical Sketch

You won’t have a great deal of space to work with, but you’ll want to provide a brief biographical sketch. This will help people to learn something about a member of their community. Focus on things like their marital relationship, their career, their education, their hobbies and special interests, and other things that help to paint a portrait of your deceased loved one.


It’s also important to list your deceased loved one’s family. This includes spouse, children, parents, and siblings. And don’t forget to add the names of deceased loved ones who fit any of the aforementioned family categories. You won’t be able to include all of your family members, of course. So there won’t be room, for instance, for cousins since the obituary will be a short write-up.

Cremation Service Details

You’ll also want to provide information pertaining to the final service. You’ll want people to know when the event will take place and where it will be held.

Unique Touch

Is there something you can add to the obituary that will really set it apart from the average obituary? Perhaps there is s detail about them that is especially poignant.


It’s also important to post a picture alongside the obituary. Place some effort into finding the right picture.


Get some of your loved ones to review the obituary after you write it. They will give you feedback so that you can tweak the write-up. Your family will be able to point out inaccuracies, recommend additions, and help you to create the strongest write-up possible.

Ask Funeral Director

You can also get some feedback from the funeral director. They will have the specialized knowledge you can benefit from. The funeral director will be able to see if you’ve included the right information and can let you know if the length is.

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