Meal Trains For Funeral Home Grief


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There are many things you can do for a family that is grieving and working with funeral homes in Fort Worth, TX on a loved one’s final services. One thing many people often lean into is the food aspect. And it’s a wonderful way to go. Families that are grieving don’t always think about their own needs and having good food available can really help them to get through the planning and the funeral process as a whole. Instead of randomly sending them food, you might want to start a meal train for them so they get what they need and not a freezer full of casseroles all at once. Here are a few things to consider.

Keeping The Family Covered 

Think about what the family needs so you can cover those needs with the train you create. Do they need three meals a day? Do they have others coming into town to visit so they might need extra servings at certain times of the day? Try to figure out what they need so you know what you have to cover. 

Organization Is Key 

The meal train can work really well—if it’s organized. The way you organize it is completely up to you, but having that organization is a key to pulling it off well. Decide how many meals you are covering and make a sign up sheet, either online or in writing. Once people sign up for a certain meal, they are in charge of it and you can move on to fill other blanks. Each person that signs up should also get instructions. What time should the meal be delivered? Are they to ring the doorbell or leave the meal in a cooler on the porch so they don’t bother the family? Get the details in order and distribute the info necessary.

Find Out What They Like 

You want to deliver meals to the family, but you also want them to have things they like. Ideally, the meal train will cover them with meals they will appreciate. Ask them what they usually eat and what they enjoy the most. Find out if there are any allergies in the family and how those people avoid their allergens. Make sure anyone who is giving meals knows these details as well.

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Think About How Long To Cover Them

You aren’t going to deliver meals to the family forever so you need to decide how long the meal train will continue. Many people like to have it going for the funeral planning process and perhaps a week after the funeral takes place, but you can go with something longer or shorter, depending on what you want to do.  

Add Gifts Cards For Later

Another nice thing to consider is to have anyone who delivers meals also bring a gift card to an area restaurant that delivers or does carry out. Once the meal train is done, the family has those to tap into and take care of themselves after the services are over at funeral homes in Fort Worth, TX.