Memorial Venue Options After the Funeral Service or Cremation Service

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Memorial Venue Options After the Funeral Service or Cremation Service

Many families hold memorial services either after funeral services or cremation services for their loved ones. Memorial services are about taking the time to remember special persons who have passed away. So while you’re arranging a final service at a funeral home in Richland Hills, TX, you will want to consider whether or not to hold a memorial service. It’s also important to figure out where to hold it. Here are some venue suggestions that you’ll want to mull over.

Dining establishment

Some restaurants allow people to book a section of the venue to hold different events. If there’s a dinery where your loved one had enjoyed eating, then it might be a good idea to have the memorial there. You can use a room in the facility and then have the reception there.

Home Sweet Home

You an also hold a memorial in the family home. So if the plan is to have a family only memorial service, you’ll want to consider having a small gathering in a private home. You can sit around in the living room and share memories, share a meal, and even scatter the ashes if your deceased loved one had been cremated.

House of Worship

You can also consider holding the memorial service in a house of worship. Churches tend to charge a nominal amount for use of their buildings for events like memorials. And if you’re a member of a house of worship, you might be able to use the facility for free. Most people are accustomed to going to a church for a funeral or memorial. So a church is an ideal venue.


You can additionally hold a memorial service outdoors someplace. You can hold it outside on your patio deck, hold it in a mark, hold it in the backyard of your cottage, or do something else. If the deceased had enjoyed nothing more than spending time outdoors, then holding a memorial service outside can be a great idea.


Another option is to hold the memorial virtually. This means that the “venue” will be an online space. People will be able to tune in from wherever they want. Do you have loved ones in different cites, states, or countries? They will be able to take part in the virtual memorial. There are lots of online tools you can use to host the virtual memorial.

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