Michelle West Fox

Fort Worth, TX
November 1, 1966 - October 14, 2016


  Michelle West Fox was born November 1, 1966 in Chickasha, Oklahoma to Kenneth and Dorothy West and what a joy she was. She departed this life for her heavenly home on October 14, 2016. She is a product of Chickasha, tried and true. After graduating from high school, her mom took her to Oklahoma City Community College so she could get an education and be able to take care of herself. She chose the shortest course available, that being a scrub tech. She worked in the medical field as a scrub tech for a year or two before her passion for it blossomed. She continued to work as a scrub tech as she put herself through school, working towards her RN degree. After completing that, she worked at the OU Medical Center for 10 years. Moving to the Ft Worth area she worked at a clinic in the Lewisville area for three to four years. She then accepted a position with JPS on September 10, 2001 as the Manager for the Main OR with excellence. She did this until January 29, 2006 when she accepted a position as the Manager over the Surgical Specialty Clinics, continuing to build her abilities to both manage and build relationships with both peer and front line employees. Her last position with JPS started December 25, 2011 as the Director at JPS Surgical Center Arlington, commonly known as JSCA or privately as “Michelle’s place”. Michelle celebrated 15 years on September 10, 2016. She was a teacher first and always looked for opportunities to teach and increase the personal self-worth of others. During her time with JPS she was on multiple Hospital Committees, always striving for increased patient care and helping the community. She was on the Board for the Community Store House, a charity that she enjoyed being a part of and believed in. During all this she managed to find time to bring home from the Ukraine the gems of her life. At 19 months, Leeza and Austin arrived home in Texas with only a few words in English but a love for the lady called mama. They are her everything. She lived for her children and always allowed them to sneak into bed with her when they were young. Encouraging them and supporting them in school activities and sporting events from wrestling, baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and gymnastics. She was always the loud mom cheering on from the bleachers or sidelines. She and her children participated in running activities for Relay for Life which included the American Cancer Relay for Life, Down Syndrome, Leukemia Relay, Lymphoma Relay and Sickle-Cell Anemia and other various charity events. Michelle loved her music and watch out if her favorite song came on, because the seat dancing would start. The kids learned the hard way, if you were embarrassed that usually meant louder music and the windows rolled down. Her love for travel came from the early days in nursing with trips around the country, and sometimes farther, to teach CPR or to go to a convention. She was a magnet of people, her smile was disarming and inviting. Somewhere in all this time she met a guy, Chris. The two of them found something they hadn’t found in previous relationships. There was a genuine love that neither had felt before. Their time was spent walking and holding hands, dinner by the pool or on a patio with margarita. He learned how strong she was by the drain on her body from multiple surgeries and chemo. She learned of unconditional love and loyalty. They had the opportunity for a couple of trips away together, enjoying where ever they were as long as they were together. She is preceded in death by her father, Kenneth West; grandfather, William Blanchard; grandmother, Virginia Blanchard; and grandparents, Reginald and Evelyn West. Michelle is survived by her 2 loves, Leeza and Austin; mom Dorothy and stepfather Gary Grisham; sister, Shannon Wyatt; nieces, Lyndsey Wyatt and Taylor Wyatt; special great nephew, Brantlee Bo Wright; stepsisters, Katheryn Winfrey and husband, Shaun, and their children, Ava and Ryan; stepbrother Matthew Grisham and children, Lily and Jayson; and last but in no way least, Chris Montgomery, her FLIP (forever life partner).

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