Terry "Pete" Eugene Johnson

October 10, 1940 - April 5, 2018


Terry ’Pete’ Eugene Johnson passed away peacefully on April 5th, 2018. Born October 10, 1940 to Eddie Johnson and Eugenia Poindexter Johnson, he is survived by his siblings: Eddie Johnson, Lola Jones, Bill Johnson and Robert Johnson; his children, Stacie Johnson Kremp, Hollie Fleming Rose, Julie Johnson and Jake Johnson, as well as a metric ton of grandkids and great-grandkids. Pete was a lifelong crossword puzzle fanatic, known far and wide for his ability to complete the New York Times puzzle in ink and without a bit of help from anyone, even after drinking a keg’s worth of Schlitz malt liquor draft at his favorite bar, otherwise known as his ‘office.’   Pete’s pleasures in life included fishing, hunting, swimming with his kids and road trips with his family and friends. He attended the Indianapolis 500 faithfully for many years and bragged anytime TCU won a game, regardless of the sport. He had a strong distaste for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram due to its ’lefty’ leanings but he loved his friends through thick and thin, no matter how much he disagreed with their political views. He also never let that love stop him from ribbing them endlessly about said views.   He had a passion for politics and was exceedingly comfortable sharing his views with anyone who would listen. Pete was also an avid listener of talk radio and read at least one newspaper from cover-to-cover on a daily basis, making for a well-informed and mildly annoying debate opponent. Those who knew him well (and many who barely knew him at all) were treated to frequent political jokes and puns, regardless of how offensive they might be to his audience. He had a couple of consistent life mottos and one of them was “If God didn’t want them messed with, He wouldn’t have sent them to me.” Bearing that in mind, he liked to believe that he was spending his time on this earth doing nothing more than the Lord’s work.   Throughout his life, Pete’s sense of humor was his calling card and he maintained it right up until the very end. He laughed when it was wholly inappropriate to do so and taught his children and grandchildren to do the same, leaving behind a legacy of salty humor that will surely endure for generations to come. He has been missed desperately by all who love him from the moment he passed because we all know there will never be another one like him.   “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it.” -Terry E. Johnson      

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