Troy Dean Dunavin Jr

January 22, 1950 - November 19, 2017


Troy Dean “Butch” Dunavin   Butch was born January 22, 1950 in Ft. Worth to Troy and Peggy Dunavin.  He was preceded in death by his beloved parents, brother Bobby and sister Patty.   He is survived by his son Troy and daughter in law Casi, his daughter Danielle, grandchildren Brendan, Logan, London, Ali, Justis, and Madden, his siblings Linda, Tandy and Kelly, many beloved aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends.   Bob said “Butch was secretly the most intelligent man alive.  He kept to himself, questioned everything, and never hid his flaws”.  Uncle Steve said that that is no secret.  Well they are both correct.  If you knew Butch, you understand that perfectly.  Butch was a simple man who lived a complicated life.  He loved his family and friends with all he had.   Butch was VERY proud of his children and grandchildren and he felt like they were the good he did in this world.  Troy has said that Butch taught him to be positive and optimistic and a fighter.  Dani simply remembers the love.  Kelly remembers most that he was seriously funny; with a real, true intelligent humor.  Tandy thinks of Butch and says what a good guy he was and that he was the ultimate music aficionado.  Linda fondly remembers his dry but good humor.  His nieces and nephews remember him simply as the friend they could count on for great music and good advice.  Butch wasn’t perfect and he wouldn’t want us to sit here and pretend that he was but he was always trying to better himself.  He was always encouraging us to be positive and do better, he didn’t want anyone to make the mistakes he made, deal with the insecurities he had to overcome, or to listen to bad music.   Many years ago, Butch left the Metro Mess, as he called it, behind for Abilene.  That is where he found peace.  Ft. Phantom Hill, the State Park, Buffalo Gap, the flea markets and garage sales, and good Mexican food, these things brought him joy and he took great pride in sharing that with anyone who made the trip.  A phone conversation with him was far more enjoyable and more complex than a university philosophy class.  In 30 minutes, he could teach you more about music and life than you’d previously learned in your lifetime.  And he was funny while doing it.   Butch gave and gave of himself and didn’t ask for much in return.  At the end of his life, when he needed it most, all those who he’d shared himself with and loved so much returned the favor and gave of themselves in prayer.  Those prayers were answered and he slipped peacefully away to While My Guitar Gently Weeps by the Beatles.  Butch lives on in all of us who love him.  The jokes, stories and music will never end and we will always find him there.   Finally, and most importantly, Butch made it known that he had made his peace with God and that he believed in and accepted God’s love.  Ecclesiastes 17:28 How great is the mercy of the Lord, and his forgiveness to them that turn to him!  

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