Mourning Options In Cremation Services

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When you are going through the mourning and grieving process, and you have decided to go with cremation services in Richland Hills, TX for your loved one, you might feel like there aren’t as many ceremonies and rituals to the process. Cremation is completely honorable and respectful, but it’s also simple. You can include any mourning process you want around the cremation and here are a few that might make you feel good in honoring your loved one. 

Light Candles

Something you might like doing is lighting a candle for your loved one. This is a nice way to honor them and it is a ritual that might feel good to you to carry on once they are gone. You can light a candle in church, at the funeral home, or even in your own home. Get a special candle, perhaps, that you light when you want to think of them. 

Write A Letter

You might not have gotten a chance to say goodbye to your loved one and without a visitation, you might feel like that is lacking. You can write them a letter whenever the mood strikes you. Tell your loved one all of the things you wanted to say to them before they died. Or, if you already got those things out, you can catch them up on what is going on in your life—the things they are missing out on since they passed. You can make letter writing a one time thing or perhaps even a ritual that you do on a regular basis. 

Have A Memorial Service

Memorial services can feel much like funerals and you can get a lot of the same things from them as you would a funeral. You can have a memorial service that goes through the rituals of a funeral and invite anyone who would want to honor your loved one. You can also have a memorial service that feels more casual or is even more good times of a celebration of life. There are plenty of options to consider and you can do whatever feels right for your loved one and your grieving process.

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Create A Photo Book

One thing that might help you is honoring your loved one and remembering them through the good times you had with them. Gather some pictures you have of them and create a photo book. You can write down some of the memories or captions on the pictures and look through the book whenever you want to think about them. 

Share Memories

It can also feel good to simply talk about your loved one and share memories about them. Get together with a friend who knew your loved one or another family member who might like to talk about them as well. Sharing memories can be something you do on the anniversary of their death, on her birthday, around holidays, and other times of the year. 

The professionals helping with cremation services in Richland Hills, TX can help you get your grief on track. Contact Alpine Funeral Home for grief resources.