Music Options For Traditional Funerals

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When a loved one passes on, you have to make plans for them so their needs are cared for. The professionals at funeral homes in Fort Worth, TX are there to transport your loved one to their facilities and then, care for them as you decide what to do. If you want to have a traditional funeral service, that will move pretty quickly. You will have to have the services within a few days of your loved one’s death. That means a lot of decisions coming at you quickly. One of the decisions you will want to make is what kind of music you want to have at the service. Here are some options to consider.

Go With Traditional Hymns

Music at funerals can be varied, but a lot of times, traditional funerals will go with traditional music, which might mean hymns. There are plenty of great hymn options, like ‘Amazing Grace’ or ‘How Great Thou Art’. You can flip through a hymn book and choose some of your loved one’s favorites and that can be enough to give your family comfort.

Special Music Options

While singing as a group can be very touching, you might want a time of music where all you have to do is sit and listen. If you know someone that plays a musical instrument or sings, you might invite them to share a special music time at the funeral. They might be a part of your family and friend group or just someone you hire or have connections to in other ways. It can be a nice time to think of your loved one without any pressure during the service.

Consider Recorded Music

Instead of singing or having live music, you can also have recorded music played at the service. That music can run before or after the service and there might be a break in the traditions to play a song that everyone listens to together during the service. You can choose a song that had a lot of meaning to your loved one and has lyrics fitting to the situation.

Remember Their Musical Style

Most people have certain genres they listen to more than others and songs that ring true in their life. You will want to choose songs that you know your loved one would appreciate. Everything about their funeral home service should revolve around what their personality and style was like, including the music. If you aren’t sure what music they liked best, talk to friends of theirs who perhaps knew more about that part of their life.

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When you are working with funeral homes in Fort Worth, TX on a funeral service for a loved one, it’s hard to make all of the decisions you need to make as fast as you need to make them. The professionals at Alpine Funeral Home are here to help you with ideas and options and we want you to know we are here for you through thick and thin. It can be hard to choose music, but the songs you pick can make a big difference in the service as a whole.