Reasons To Livestream A Cremation Memorial Service

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When a loved one passes on, you are going to have a lot of decisions to make, like whether you want a funeral or cremation services in Fort Worth, TX for them. Perhaps you know that they wanted to be cremated and that makes that decision easier to make. But the cremation process itself, while it will cover all of their needs, might just be part of what you want to do for them. You might, for example, want to have a memorial service. After cremation, you can have whatever kind of memorial you’d like on any timeframe. There are also many reasons to consider livestreaming that memorial service. Here are a few such reasons to consider.

1: To Allow Family Far Away To Attend

Your family might be spread out all over the country or even to other parts of the world. Not everyone may be able to make it to the right location for the memorial service, but everyone still wants to honor your loved one in a special way. To allow them to attend, without having to travel, you could livestream the service. Your family can see how you are honoring the person and even be a part of it, even from afar.

2: Protect Vulnerable Parties

There might be elderly people in your family, or people going through cancer treatments that are simply better off not catching colds or anything else. They have to protect their immune systems and you completely understand that. But it’s very sad when they are left out of special events, like family memorials. In order to include them, but protect them at the same time, livestreaming the service gives options. They can attend the service virtually, stay safe, and yet honor your loved one all at once.

3: To Keep The Numbers Small

You may not want a large, crowded memorial service for your loved one and instead you want to keep the numbers nice and small and the service intimate. But you also feel bad about leaving people out. Your loved one had a lot of friends and community members who might want to honor them as well. When you livestream the services, you can get the best of both worlds. You get the small service you want for them, but others are able to attend virtually and still honor your loved one as they might want to.

4: Everyone Has Access

Whether you have family members abroad, elderly family that shouldn’t be around others with coughs, or community members you don’t want to invite, but that would like to be included, livestreaming your loved one’s memorial service is a great option to consider. You can include everyone and give everyone access without opening the service up to anyone and everyone.

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Cremation services in Fort Worth, TX offer you plenty of options and you are going to want to consider them all in order to give your loved one just what you want for them in the form of a memorial service. Livestreaming is a great option to think through.