Services And Products You Can Avoid With Cremation Services

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It’s hard to make decisions for a loved one’s final services because you are grieving and you want to meet their needs at the same time. Both funeral and cremation services in Richland Hills, TX are completely honorable and respectful so there really is no wrong choice to make. If you are going back and forth between the two, it’s good to know some of the differences so you can make the right decision. Cremation costs less, for example, and that’s largely because you don’t need as many products and services with cremation as you do with a funeral. Here are just some of the services and products you don’t have to worry about if you go with cremation instead of a traditional funeral.

Embalming Services

Embalming is something you do to preserve your loved one for a visitation or funeral service so you can see them looking nice and peaceful in an open casket. IF you are having cremation done in a direct manner, you are not going to have those services and, therefore, you also don’t need embalming. The process uses expensive chemicals and professional application so cutting it out can save quite a bit of money.

Casket Products

When you have a funeral, you then have a burial because that’s the only final resting place option for someone in that form. You would have to have a casket for that process and those can also be costly. Even simple ones have a cost to them and most people want to get something nice for their loved one. If you go with cremation, the package will give you a simple container for your loved one’s remains. Even if you decide to buy an urn, it will cost less since they are much smaller and use less materials.

Funeral Services

There are a lot of things involved in a funeral service and they are all going to have a cost to them as well. Your loved one will need to be transported in a special vehicle from the funeral home to the cemetery, for example. You will have to pay for the room you want to have the funeral in and perhaps someone to preside over it. You’ll likely make bulletins, have flowers, and decorate in other ways. Funeral services are very nice, but can also be costly and complicated to arrange.

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Burial Vault Products

Many cemeteries require vaults to sit in the ground around the casket so they can protect your loved one’s remains and the grounds around the cemetery. They don’t want uneven grounds or sinking to occur and the vault can help to prevent that.

If you are trying to decide on a funeral or cremation services in Richland Hills, TX, understand what you need for a funeral, and what you don’t have to have for cremation, and that can help you make a final decision one way or another. Both are honorable options so you really can’t go wrong either way you go.