Should Your Kids Take Part in the Final Service?

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Should Your Kids Take Part in the Final Service?

Many parents ponder whether or not they should take their children to funeral services. It’s not that difficult a decision if it involves babies or toddlers. They’re unlikely to get much out of the funeral service, so it might be best to leave them at home under the guidance of a responsible adult. But what if the children are older? Should they be part of a funeral service at a funeral home in Haltom City, TX? If they’re old enough and mature enough to understand what is going on, they should be permitted to attend and to take part. Here’s what to consider.

Ask Them if They Want to Attend

You’ll want to find out if your children want to go to the funeral service in the first place.

Ensure They Understand What a Funeral Service Entails

If your kids do want to attend the funeral service for a deceased loved one, ensure that they know what it entails. They should be told, for instance, that they’ll have to sit quietly for perhaps an hour or more. Also ensure that they realize that they will see a wide range of emotions – and that they, themselves, will likely experience a roller coaster of emotions during the event. What you want is to ensure that your kids are well prepared for the event.

Let Them Know They Can Ask Questions

After you’ve explained what the funeral service will involve, you should let your kids know that they can ask you anything they want. So it really should be a two-way discussion. Chances are that they will have plenty of questions to ask about death, the grieving process, the funeral service, and more. You’ll want to give them the answers they need using words and examples suitable for their ages, comprehension, and maturity levels.

Allow Them to Take Part in the Funeral Service

If your children are interested in attending the funeral service, great. But you’ll want to go a step further by asking them if they actually want to participate during the funeral service. They could do things like recite poetry, share a few words about what their loved one meant to them, or even play a musical selection on their instrument of choice. If you do participate, ensure that they do something they feel comfortable doing. It will make for a better experience for them.

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