Supporting A Family Without A Funeral Home Service

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While it is customary for families to have services at funeral homes in Richland Hills, TX when a loved one passes away, but that’s not always what families want. Sometimes, they do something small and intimate and other times, they simply lay their loved one to rest and leave it at that. When you want to support a friend who is going through a loss, you might attend the final service to show your support. If they don’t have a service, however, there are other things you can do. Here are a few such things.

Send Food To Them

Your friend is going to need to nourish themselves and take care of the rest of their family during the grieving process. A lot of people like to send food to the family and it’s always a nice gesture. Perhaps package the food in freezer-safe containers so if they don’t need it right away, they can freeze it and use it at another time. You can also package it into meal sizes to make it easy for them to grab it to warm up whenever they want to use it. Think about their favorites and try to go along with any preferences they have.

Deliver Flowers To The Family

While many people would send flowers to the funeral home, if there aren’t going to be funeral services, you can still take flowers to the family as a gesture of support. You want them to know you are thinking of them and having something nice in their home that will brighten the space as they grieve can be a nice thing to do.

Dedicate A Tree To The Person

The person who passed on was special and you want their memory to live on. Plant a tree and dedicate it to them. Let the family know what you have done or, if you want the family to make this gesture themselves, send them a gift card for a local nursery so they can choose the tree to plant themselves.

Post A Tribute Online

Perhaps you respected the person who passed on, too, and you can show your support to the family by posting a tribute to that person online. If they family has posted the obituary, perhaps you can share that and add your own comments about how much the person will be missed. You can also share service details with those who are invited so you can ensure everyone has the capability of knowing the details.

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Create A Memory Book To Share

If you have pictures of the person who passed on, you might want to create a memory book that you can share with the family. There are plenty of online options, or you can create a book on a website and print out several copies to share.

Even if there aren’t services at funeral homes in Richland Hills, TX, the professionals at Alpine Funeral Home want you to be able to support someone who has lost a loved one. We have plenty of ideas and you are welcome to call us.