What Can You Do with an Urn After Scattering Ashes?

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What Can You Do with an Urn After Scattering Ashes?

Many families scatter the ashes of their deceased loved ones after cremation services in Haltom City, TX. If this is what you plan to do after your deceased family member’s final service, you will want to consider what you will do with the urn afterward. Some people keep their loved one’s ashes in an urn and then place the urn in a place of honor in their home. Others simply choose to bury the urn or to place it in a columbarium.

But if the plan is to scatter the ashes, what to do with the empty urn? Fortunately, there are other things you can do with an urn after scattering ashes. Here are a few things to consider.

Reuse the Urn

You might decide to simply reuse the urn in the event that another loved one is cremated in the future. Going this route means you’ll make the most out of your investment. It might even become a family tradition to scatter the ashes and then to reuse the urn down the road. In such a case, it might be a good idea to invest in a really nice scattering urn.

Give it Away or Sell it

If you no longer need the urn and don’t want to hold onto it, you might want to either give it away or sell it. On the one hand, you could give it to a family you know that is planning a cremation service. Donating the urn will spare the cost of an urn. You can bet that they’ll be grateful for your kind gesture. You can also donate the urn by giving it to a thrift shop where someone who needs one can buy it at a discount. On the other hand, you could sell the urn yourself to recoup at least some of the cost. There are all sorts of places online where you can sell the urn.

Keepsakes Container

You might also want to repurpose it as a container for keepsakes. You can place jewelry, letters, and other things that remind you of your deceased loved one. You’ll occasionally want to go through all of the mementos that you placed in there.

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