What To Take To The Cemetery

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Once the final services and burial of your loved one are behind you, the professionals at funeral homes in Richland Hills, TX are still there to help you with the grieving process, questions, and anything else you need. You might, for example, decide you want to visit your loved one’s grave and you wonder what types of things you can take to the cemetery. You can contact the cemetery for their rules and regulations, but you can also call the funeral home for good suggestions. Here are a few ideas.

Flower Bouquets

Flowers are something your family probably got a lot of around the final services and you can bring them to the cemetery any time to leave them on your loved one’s grave as well. You might want to get flowers in a certain color to decorate for the season or, you can get a color that signifies a certain message. Follow the cemetery rules as to how and when they can be left. They might want you to place them in vases next to the headstones, for example, or only on certain days of the month so they can maintain and mow at other times.

Stones With Sayings

You can get stones that say ‘Love’ or ‘Hope’ or something else that reminds you of your loved one and has a message that you want to convey. You could also get a stone in a certain color or with certain pictures or decorations on it that remind you of that special person. You might place it at the foot of the headstone, or even on top of it when you visit.

Grave Blanket For The Plot

Most things you take to the cemetery will be small, but you could also take a grave blanket, which is meant to cover the whole plot with a nice look and decoration. It might have flowers on it, for example, and look quite lovely.

Holiday Things

It’s not uncommon to think about and grieve a loved one all over again around the holidays. You might want to take something holiday related at those times, like a spring basket of flowers around Easter and an America flag around Memorial day. You could even bring a small Christmas tree with decorations on it in the winter.

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Things For Yourself

There might be things you want to take to the cemetery yourself, and that’s fine, too. Many people bring in bottles of water, or even their lunch, so they can spend time with a loved one over their lunch hour. Whatever you bring in, make sure you take back out with you so there’s no litter left behind.

The professionals at funeral homes in Richland Hills, TX are here to help with all sorts of things, even well after your loved one’s final services are behind you. They can suggest grief resources, items to take to the cemetery, and anything else you need to move through the grieving process and find a new sense of normal in your life.