When Cremation Services isn’t the Right Option

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When Cremation Services isn’t the Right Option

Cremation services are just as honorable as funeral services, but sometimes your family might prefer one body disposition type over another. In most instances, you can’t go wrong regardless of which one you choose. But there are times when you should prefer a specific body disposition option. Here’s a look at cases when planning a funeral service is better than planning a cremation service with a Richland Hills, TX funeral home.

The Deceased Preferred Cremation

A cremation should definitely be preferred over a funeral if the deceased had let it be known prior to their passing that they wished to be cremated. Of course, it would be easier if everyone would preplan their body disposition. That would ensure that their families would, instead of having to guess what they would have wanted, simply honor their stated request. But if they did not make any arrangements while they were alive, then you’ll want to honor what you know they wanted. A funeral director from a reputable Tarrant county cremations and funeral home will help you to get plans in order.

Your Religion Says Cremation’s a No-Go

Most religions are okay with cremation as a body disposition, but some ban it altogether. Hinduism actually requires cremation, so Hindus are not permitted to be buried. There are also a few religions that ban cremation outright. Islam and Orthodox Judaism are against cremation, so you’ll definitely want to plan a funeral service if your family follows a religion that is not in favor of cremations. Are you unsure about where your faith community stands on this issue? You can ask the funeral director or a leader from your church or religion for the answers.

You Value Family Traditions

Many families count it a tradition to hold funeral services followed by burials. This is a way for loved ones to come together to bury their dead, for them to support one another, and for them to demonstrate that family is important. So if your family has always held funeral services in churches or chapels, you might want to continue with the tradition. Sometimes families that are spread out across the country or even across the world only get together for occasions like weddings or funerals, so it pays to hold onto traditions that are all about families being families.

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