Why Funerals Are Changing

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A funeral home in Haltom City, TX will be the first one to tell you that the way people are planning services is different. Social media has changed how we view things, the older traditions are still as important as ever, and people are adopting new ideologies about what a funeral should look like. For instance, instead of black caskets, color is coming into place. Instead of burials being the only option, cremation is on the rise. Services are becoming more of a celebration of life and memory, while others are becoming more private for the family alone. Whatever you choose, you’ll see that these trends are on the rise.

There Are Big Color Changes

As recent as five years ago, you’ll see that black was still the best option for a casket or a coffin. However, popular colors include pink, green, orange, brown, blue, and more. For instance, royal purple has been on the rise lately as it is associated with luxury and grace. People who had adventurous people in their family choose bright orange or green to reflect a cheerful, outgoing personality. You’ll find that most families choose pale pink or blushing rose for gentle and sweet dispositions.

Colors like blue are associated with calm and peace. Blue has often been associated with the water, and you’ll find that people who love the underwater world or fantastical stories choose blue because it represents a passion that the lost person loved.

Cremations Are On The Up And Up

Cremations are on the rise as well. In countries across the sea, you’ll see that they are at a rate of almost one hundred percent cremation with hardly any burials at all. It is thought to be far more environmentally friendly as it saves space, doesn’t use chemicals, and you don’t have to have any clean-up. Another reason that people like cremation is that it is a cheaper option, and you can divide the ashes between family members to avoid infighting and people feeling left out. That means everyone gets to always keep their loved ones with them.

Live Streaming Is Becoming More Popular

Live streaming the funeral is becoming more popular as well, and because of that, you’ll see that people are turning the funeral into a celebration of memories instead of a time to grieve. The families will tend to suffer later, and they will share memories at the funeral instead. This is becoming normalized, and more people are jumping on this trend.

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A Funeral Is However You Want It

A funeral is your choice on how it is styled and utilized. If you don’t want to follow modern trends, stick with the older and more traditional themes. No matter what choice you decide to utilize, your family will appreciate that you have taken the reins and planned everything for your loved one. As funerals can be stressful and hard to deal with, you’ll find that families are grateful for one another and the funeral home in Haltom City, TX director because they can help you during this time.