Why People Are Turning Cremation Ashes Into Other Items

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When someone you love is cremated, you may decide to avoid an urn. This is more and more common, and in recent years an urn or holder for cremation in Haltom City, TX ashes is not the only option you can take. Because of this, people are now turning to other ideas for creative ways to honor their loved ones. That is because so many companies want to ensure that your family gets everything they need and can have a solution that benefits everyone. The choices that can come into play for honoring your loved one are wonderfully thought of and can give your loved one an entirely new way.

Returning To Nature In The Best Way

One of the biggest trends within the past few years, mainly because of social media, is returning to nature, giving your ashes to others, and becoming a tree. This helps our planet’s lungs and can be an excellent way to symbolize your loved one having a new beginning. There are many different ways you can do this, but you have to look into the laws of the state you live in or the country you live in, as they can differ.

Turning Ashes Into Jewelry

Another trend that has risen within the past couple of years is turning your loved one into a piece of jewelry. If you have a bracelet, you can have your loved ones’ ashes resting at your pulse point if you choose a necklace with their ashes placed directly over your beating heart. It is a beautiful way to feel connected to your loved ones even though they are no longer with you. With these ideas in place, people have said that they appreciated having something special and unique to honor their loved ones. It’s a different take on traditional ideas.

Would You Want A Water Burial?

Water burial is the most popular of the examples that we’ve given you. There are even non-profit organizations in place that will help your loved one become part of reefs or help wildlife with their ashes. It can be a proficient way for someone who loves the water to feel connected to something that made them so happy. In addition to this, it can help your family feel like your loved one achieved a wish of being a part of something special.

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How Will You Honor Your Loved One?

When thinking about how to honor your loved one, consider what they loved in life and what would make them happy when they passed on. If your loved one was an adventurous person who loved swimming and the water was the place that made them the most comfortable, a water burial with their cremation in Haltom City, TX ashes might honor them the way they would like. On the other hand, if your deceased was a sentimental person that wanted to leave behind something for their relatives, a piece of jewelry might be the best idea. Whatever you choose, remember that you want to be careful to honor your loved one the way that they would like to be loved and remembered.